What are your rates and insurance participation?

Our practice is out of network (OON) for all insurance coverage.  This means that patients pay at the time of service and then are able to seek reimbursement directly from insurance using available OON coverage.  

Our psychologist rate is $300 for an initial evaluation (60 minutes) and $250 for ongoing sessions (45 minutes).  

Some of our Master's level clinicians are currently working towards independent licensure.  Until they are independently licensed, they are supervised by our psychologists, so their clients get two points of view for 
the price of one!  Their patients pay at the time of service, and clients should consult their insurance company regarding the availability of insurance reimbursement for pre-licensed clinicians.  Their rate is $200 for an initial evaluation (60 minutes) and $140 for ongoing sessions (45 minutes).  The rate for a licensed, Master's level clinician is $225 for an initial evaluation and $160/session for ongoing sessions. 

Please contact us at 781-208-0780 with any questions.

Frequently asked questions regarding payment:

What are out of network services?  
Many insurance plans are categorized as PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans.  PPO plans typically allow you to pay a lower rate if you see a provider who is in the insurance network, but also allows you to choose to see other providers, often at a higher out of pocket cost.  If you have coverage for out of network services, you will pay Launch directly at the time of service and then your insurance company will reimburse you for a share of what you have paid.  Launch is happy to provide you with the necessary paperwork to submit in order to be reimbursed.

Is using your insurance coverage right for you?
While there are various reasons that a person might choose not to use their insurance coverage to pay for therapy, the most common one is that by doing so your privacy may be limited.  When medical insurance is used to pay for therapy, a provider is required to make a diagnosis after their first session and to share that diagnosis with the insurance company.   The company then has the right to dictate whether a person's clinical presentation warrants treatment.  Further, the company has the right to access therapy notes and records and diagnoses may become part of the client's long-term medical record.  Using your insurance to pay for sessions may be the right choice for you, but it is important for you to understand the limits of confidentiality involved when doing so.

What options do I have if my insurance plan does not offer out of network coverage?
It is possible to seek a single case agreement with your insurance company.  In essence, this agreement indicates that the insurance company extends out of network benefits for a single provider.  These agreements are commonly available when a client can demonstrate that they are not able to find an in-network provider who meets their needs.  For example, we find that clients have been granted single-case agreements to work with us because of our specializations in child anxiety, eating disorders, OCD, etc.  

Do you offer payment plans?
We feel strongly that financial limitations should not prevent anyone from receiving the care that they need.  If finances are a concern, please contact us directly so that we may discuss the situation and possible solutions.