Health Issues and Pain Management

Health issues affect many of us to greater and lesser degrees.  Whether you suffer from allergies, gastrointestinal issues or other illnesses or disabilities, people often limit themselves because of fear related to their health problem.  Because of this, they can become sad or depressed and then limit themselves further.  In order to lead a full life, one needs to accept  health problems and use empowering strategies in order to stop limiting oneself and begin to take appropriate risks.  For children with allergies, that can mean reading labels and reassuring themselves appropriately.  While an illness or allergy may make someone feel different, acceptance of this difference is key as it allows a person to find find ways to participate and manage symptoms and risk accordingly.  At Launch, we help children and adults learn strategies like radical acceptance, and provide tools to manage anxiety and increase confidence. We also assess for other issues including depression or sleep problems and provide tools and treatment for those issues as needed.  

Pain is universally distressing, but if it becomes an ongoing, daily  issue that decreases one's functioning, an individual needs to learn how best to manage pain so that it doesn’t take over their life.  As part of treatment, individuals are taught to pace their activity level, and improve their self care so that they can increase functioning and activity.  With practice, pain intensity can be mediated by techniques including diagphragmatic breathing, relaxation training, visualization and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)  These techniques can improve quality of life and decrease suffering.  Once strategies are learned, the feeling of helplessness that so often accompanies pain will decrease and patients will be empowered to lead fuller, happier lives.