Parenting Strategies

Do you wish your kids came with an instruction manual?
Feel as though strategies that work for one of your children are not working for all of them?
Feel overwhelmed by your child's intense emotional or behavioral reactions?
Frustrated by the world of well-meaning but conflicting parenting advice?

Did you know that sometimes parent meetings are the most effective way to address your child's struggles?  This is because you are with them day in and day out, and can learn to coach them through difficult situations and emotions.

We can help you develop a set of parenting strategies that:

  • Are specifically developed for your child and your family, to work with your specific parenting style and your child's needs
  • Are based in the evidence and research on specialized strategies that are proven to help parents manage difficult behaviors and emotions
  • Can be applied flexibly in a variety of situations

If you think that your child requires specialized parenting support, please reach out to us to see if our approach might be a good fit for you and your family.